Locking the Cookie Jar

How to Protect Against Embezzlement, Identity Theft, and Hackers

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The Seminar

The Locking the Cookie Jar Seminar is designed for businesses to educate teams to avoid being the weak link for hackers to access sensitive company information or damage valuable data. The seminar can be customized for teams to focus more or less on embezzlement, identity theft, how hackers do their dirty deeds, how to protect against hackers, and how to create hacker-proof passwords that can be unique for each account and can be safely written down!

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The book references online resources in multiple places throughout the book. You can access all of those resources here.

Incredible Numbers


Percent of Companies are Fraud Victims

According to the latest Annual Global Fraud Survey commissioned by Kroll Inc., 81 percent of firms were victims of frauds perpetrated by insiders. The costs are too high for firms of any size to ignore the threat and not invest in more means of defending the business from the inside.


 Global Loss Due to Fraud


On a global scale, companies lose approximately $3.7 trillion, according to anti-fraud experts. In addition to lost revenue, there are also indirect costs, such as low employee morale, decreased productivity, ruined reputations and tarnished brand images, all resulting from employee and employer fraud.


Average Loss per Company


According to the ACFE, the median loss caused by fraud was $145,000, with 22% of those cases reporting losses of at least $1 million. Identity theft and cybercrime—especially credit card abuse—were among some of the most common sources of fraud in small businesses. Unfortunately, however, it’s smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees that lose a median of $155,000 compared to $120,000 for larger businesses.

About the Book

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