Locking the Cookie Jar

How to Protect Against Embezzlement, Identity Theft, and Hackers

Hardware and Software Deterrent Technology

This will soon contain hardware and software deterrent technology that we'll keep refreshed as technology changes. 

Why it is Important that You Keep Your Software Updated

Here is a great article that explains about a new KRACK Hack that can threaten your home or business WiFi security! It explains why keeping your software (especially your router) updated is critical to keep this new threat from loading malware onto your computers.


Quoting and paraphrasing from the article:

  1. Update your device’s software. There will be a number of updates issued over the coming weeks and months, for phones and other devices, in order to address the vulnerabilities KRACK has exposed. Implement these updates as soon as you can.
  2. Update your router’s firmware. Your router is going to the be the most critical device in securing your wireless network. Again, you’re largely at the mercy of how fast device manufacturers and software developers generate a patch. Check your respective device manufacturer’s website for the details and status of the KRACK patch.
  3. Consider a VPN. If your employer has given you a device to work from, they’ve likely given you a VPN to use as well. A Virtual Private Network can help to secure and encrypt your data on public Wi-Fi networks. It can also help secure your data while patches are generated for this vulnerability. Be aware, however: router-driven security features, like those found in McAfee Secure Home Platform will not protect your wireless devices, as KRACK targets the data exchanged between routers and devices — only an update to router will fix this issue.


Best Wireless Routers

Click here for a list of PC Magazine's best wireless routers.

Best WordPress Security Plugins to Prevent Hacking

When it comes to protecting your WordPress website from hackers, start by installing some powerful WordPress security plugins. They act like a nightclub bouncer, fighting off brute force and spam attacks as well as being your inside agent, working to gather intelligence on who's targeting your site.

This comprehensive list includes plugins to fight hackers, kill spam, protect logins, as well as saving backups. All of these plugins are highly rated and regularly updated, and best of all, they're free (although some offer paid premium versions for extra protection features).

Here is a great list of these WordPress Security Plugins.


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The Seminar

The Locking the Cookie Jar Seminar is both interesting and highly informative. It's designed for businesses to educate teams to avoid being the weak link for hackers to access sensitive company information or damage valuable data. The seminar can be customized for teams to focus more or less on embezzlement, identity theft, how hackers do their dirty deeds, how to protect against hackers, and how to create hacker-proof passwords that can be unique for each account and can be safely written down!

Resources & Blog

The book references online resources in multiple places throughout the book. You can access all of those resources here.

Incredible Numbers


Percent of Companies are Fraud Victims

According to the latest Annual Global Fraud Survey commissioned by Kroll Inc., 81 percent of firms were victims of frauds perpetrated by insiders. The costs are too high for firms of any size to ignore the threat and not invest in more means of defending the business from the inside.


Passwords are the Weak Link!

According to IT World Canada, "Just over 60% of breaches involved hacking, but that's not the big news:
81% per cent of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen and/or weak passwords."


Average Loss per Company


According to the ACFE, the median loss caused by fraud was $145,000, with 22% of those cases reporting losses of at least $1 million. Identity theft and cybercrime—especially credit card abuse—were among some of the most common sources of fraud in small businesses. Unfortunately, however, it’s smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees that lose a median of $155,000 compared to $120,000 for larger businesses.

About the Book

Front Cover Locking the Cookie JarLearn how to protect yourself and your business against embezzlement, identity theft, and online hackers. Learn how the bad guys do it and how to avoid being a victim. Also learn a valuable hacker-proof password technique that is unique for each account and can even be safely written down! Includes sections on Embezzlement Schemes, Hacking the Hacker’s Mind, How Hackers Obtain Your Passwords, How to Create a Hacker-proof Password, and Identity Theft. Also includes other security techniques such as hardware deterrents, PINs, transposing digits, and explains how to report possible cybercrime and internet crime. It frankly lays out how cyber criminals do it and how your employees can embezzle from your company, so make sure you know what they know so you can stop it! It has great examples and humor as it turns complex subjects into something that is easy and fun to read.

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